MEGSY DAHLING! Gotta say hi to Megsy. Aka DUDE! What up DUDE? Haha. Just sayin hi! Thanx for the POSTCARDS.

Here, I say hello and share inside jokes with some of my bestest friends.

Hey Jenny! Your page rocks! Although mine's better!(j/k) Still waiting to exhale! Yeah, you're the sickest bitch I know. And your first now!! LoL.

Rana! Haha. Hey, gurl!! You can ride shotgun, no prob!! I might interfere with his driving, but oh well!! If we die in an accident, at least we'll die happy! (*inside joke*)

Yo, I gots to say Hiyo to Gregg! I'm sorry man!! I wish ya could come here! Haha. You're pretty fly for a white guy! *Inside Joke*

Hey Stacey. My hands are still shaking!

Hey Angie!! It's cool to know someone with the last name Hanson.

Hey Salem! You better be writin me and Zac into that story like I told you!

Jill, you're sick and demented.

Emilee, ya don't got the Internet, but hi anyways.

Jenn! Haha, hey long, long time no see! You rock girl! We gots to talk more!!!

That's it fer now. The only people I feel like saying hi to. If you want me to say hi to you, mail me